Peace of mind knowing your property is being monitored and secure whether you are around or not.
High visibility deterrent to criminal activity, loitering and access control.
Property perimeter checks for trespassers, vagrants, loiters, and vandalism.
Property lock-up and unlock.
Prevent risks.
Immediate action taken against any illegal activity on the property; -Enforcement of property rules and regulations.


" That's why we offer custom security services - personalized, scalable plans that adequately cover all your needs and leave no stone unturned. " 

At Loyal Brothers Security, we recognize that each individual or company has their own unique needs and requirements. A retail store, construction site, and private event all necessitate different levels of security and alertness.  Our plans allow even the smallest of businesses to protect their assets with an affordable and competitively-priced solution.

We believe no person, place, or thing should feel unsafe or be a cause of concern. Our professionally-trained security guards and patrol officers let you rest easy at night, knowing there is a watchful eye protecting your valued resources. Explore our variety of customizable options and get started protecting what matters most to you with Loyal Brothers Security's custom security services.


" Ticketing, guest privacy, visitor entry and departure, keeping the venue under constant surveillance to guarantee the safety of all attendees, and more. "

Events can be overwhelming we all agree, between crowds, media, and special guests, the stress of planning and organization can be more than enough work for even the most skilled planner. Remove much of the stress from this situation by taking the extra step so we can ensure your next affair is under complete control with LBS Event Security Services.

Loyal Brothers Event Security is experienced with all aspects of event security.  Custom tailored plans ensure that all your concerns are accounted for. No matter the size or occasion, we can make sure your affair runs smoothly, safely, and give you a level of assurance that you can't find anywhere else.


" With over 20 years of combined experience, we understand the rules and regulations of club security. " 

 Our name speaks for itself throughout the Portland and surrounding areas. Hirer an experienced security company that fits perfect with any crowd or event. Loyal Brothers is your safe, haven allow us to give you the piece of mind you've been awaiting. All LBS security Guard training exceeds state standards and requirements. Contact us today for a quote.

Some of our services include:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Assuring all patrons Identification is correct upon entering establishment/event
  3. Staffing your establishment/event with the correct number of personnel agreed upon per shift. Crowd Control
  4. Line Control
  5. Risk assessment
  6. Alcohol Monitoring
  7. Maintain all paperwork state requires and assure security has correct documents.
  8. Correcting shifts to assure security personnel is present.
  9. Security spokesman for establishments/events


Private Parties are always private, whether it's a public space or a private residential space we cater to it. Allow Loyal Brothers to create a custom security solution that assures your privacy as well as your safety during any private party or event. Contact us today


" Our Retail Security services are trained to see the problem before it happens. " 

Custom tailored to each client and surpass standard industry guidelines an effort to give you the best service possible. Competitive rates allow even the smallest of retailers or event hosts to make all guests feel safe and secure.

Nobody should have to be concerned over the threat of theft or, even worse, violence in your store or at your event. Loss of inventory from stores grew in the last few years due to causes including shoplifting and employee theft, which, costed the U.S. retail industry nearly $48.9 billion dollars. Most missing inventory was attributed by outside customers which was 36.5% Loss, followed by employee theft which was 30% Loss. The average cost Per shoplifting incidents doubled to $748.98 dollars. The average cost Per employee theft incidents was $1,922.80. The average cost for LBS security guard, Priceless. Why not hire Loyal Brothers Retail Security?

Loss Prevention - Asset Protection is one distinct area of private security. Sometimes falling under the umbrella of protection of assets or risk management, the main goal of Loyal Brothers Security Loss Prevention Division is to prevent losses. Losses can occur in various ways, through internal or external theft, shoplifting, robbery, lawsuits or accidents and injuries. At Loyal Brothers, we have developed comprehensive programs for Retail Loss Prevention Officers.


" With our Executive Protection and Corporate Security services, we can alleviate all your concerns and ensure safe and stress-free travel throughout the Portland metro and connecting areas. "

With access to trade secrets, valuable accounts, and the ability to make important business decisions, corporate executives are a prime target for violence or physical intimidation. Never allow fear to deter your travel, or everyday schedule. Loyal Brothers is available to offer the best executive protection.

Our armed or unarmed security guards provide discreet protection as you go about your business. We also offer custom security programs that can be altered to suit your personal itinerary or schedule. Plus, With competitive pricing and retainer services available, you get

high-quality executive protection by professionally trained security guards at an affordable price.

All of our personnel are trained to stabilize, defuse and de-escalate confrontations. Our Security escorts are ideal for high profile executives, dignitaries, and public figures such as entertainers and sports figures, who may want to enjoy a night out at a restaurant, lounge or just a night out in the town. Our escort will give you the space you need to entertain your guest, and yet close enough to engage if the need arises. We can provide advanced site surveys by visiting the clients, destinations prior to his/her arrival.


The use of bodyguards with executives and VIPs is on the rise due to their many benefits, with the first one being obvious that they can help defend against physical harm. Loyal Brothers bodyguards are well trained in defense and know how to handle a possible attack. Should an incident take place, our bodyguards will know how to handle the situation effectively as they have gone through extensive training on how to diffuse various situations. Our guards are trained to know what to look and listen for in the immediate surroundings.  Loyal Brothers bodyguards will be able to assess any area to be aware of potential dangers before an incident occurs, we may conduct a research ahead of time to become aware of new areas and the safest routes to take. Loyal Brothers can provide a driving service upon request, acting as a chauffeur to bring you safely to your destination while staying aware of any possible dangers, contact Loyal Brothers today.


" Not every business has special security needs like hotels. "

Security in the hospitality sector is a very delicate matter. Hotels standards are under constant scrutiny that nothing less than the, best in terms of quality, is an option when it comes to the security of a hotel. Just one breach in security alone can shatter your reputation and have an ever-lasting detrimental effect on your hotel’s status and future reputation.

Areas like lobbies, parking lots and other open ar must always be guarded against theft. This is why Loyal Brothers Security (LBS) offers the highest hotel security services to provide you and your guests the comfort, with excellent customer service and protection you need.

Our services include the following: 

  1. Constant CCTV monitoring
  2. Ensuring comfortable atmosphere
  3. Controlled access points
  4. Parking lot patrols
  5. Secured baggage handling
  6. Aptly uniformed security guards


" To help manage all that goes into running a safe healthcare organization, you need a security services provider who is responsive and has expertise in the unique security challenges of the healthcare environment. "

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are under constant pressure to keep their facilities safe, while at the same time managing patient and visitor demands against federal regulations, confidentiality agreements, and governmental standards. Maintaining a peaceful and secure environment for employees, patients and visitors in a healthcare facility can be a difficult task, multiple points of entry, heightened emotional states, and managing costs can all quickly become overwhelming.

Loyal Brothers Security is uniquely qualified for this type of highly specialized hospital security. Our professionally trained security guards and patrol officers adapt quickly to rapidly changing environments and are responsive to shifting needs. Our healthcare facility and hospital security guards in Portland OR, are able to maintain control in volatile situations thanks to our custom-tailored security programs. With options available for any budget, nothing is stopping you from adequately protecting any healthcare facility, regardless of size.

Get a quote today and learn more about how our custom programs can provide security coverage for all aspects of your healthcare facility. At Loyal Brothers Security, we work more, so you don't have to.


" Even the most vigilant property managers can be susceptible to such issues if the proper steps are not taken. "

Squatting, burglary, arson, vandalism are all legitimate concerns of any commercial office building owner.  Don't risk facing the hassle and decreased property value that comes as a result of these acts, allow LBS commercial security service to ensure your real estate is protected.

Loyal Brothers Security llc provides professionally trained, uniformed security guards that help deter against all kinds of criminal acts. Our commercial property services exceed all standard industry regulations, we leave no stones unturned when it comes to protecting your interest.


Adequate supervision and security of a construction site is imperative. Vandalism, graffiti, and theft repercussions strain production and finances and threaten deadlines. Preventive measures taken to secure equipment and property can improve production and decrease financial loss.

An unattended construction site is an easy target for vandalism, graffiti, and even theft. These crimes can put a severe strain on production deadlines and finances and can even render your crew unable to work. Taking preventative measures to lock equipment may help resolve the issue, but the only way to ensure complete security is with a dedicated guard service.

We offer construction site security to businesses in Portland, Oregon and the greater connecting areas that can combat these problems and more. Our customized plans revolve around your needs and effectively deter all potential criminals from interfering with your time- sensitive work. Attentive guards ensure that no unauthorized visitors make it onto your site, meaning nothing will come between you and your deadlines for they are extremely important.

At Loyal Brothers Security, we have the knowledge and experience to safeguard valuable industrial properties and provide construction sites security. With our significant expertise and industry best practices, we build customized security services to protect our clients' Assets, Property and People.

Any theft occurring in a big or small construction site could derail the schedule and may even result in shutting down construction temporarily. Not having construction security guards and the occurrence of theft in the premises will also increase insurance cost. Many larger constructions require heavy machinery and if the rental firms discover that their valuable property is not secure, they may be reluctant to rent their equipment.

After regular business hours, industrial parks and construction sites are deserted until the next work day, or next work week. Expensive machinery and materials are often left unguarded, leaving the site open to potential theft or vandalism. When materials and equipment are damaged or stolen, projects are delayed for an indefinite period of time and unforeseen additional expenses can potentially arise, cutting into profit margins.

Loyal Brothers works in close cooperation with its clients to protect their sites and properties. We do this work by:

  1. Controlling site access
  2. Supervising the premises
  3. Quickly providing additional experienced personnel as needed
  4. Dispatching patrols on a predetermined or random schedule to ascertain any unusual or suspect activity
  5. Conducting inspections
  6. Responding to alarms
  7. Writing timely reports.

Submit a request for a quote today and let Loyal Brothers Security provide you with armed or unarmed security, and a peace of mind at your construction site.


Peace of mind - one of the cornerstones of hiring professional security officers to protect your residential community. Families, residents and guests alike will take comfort in knowing that their residence is protected by a security company with over 20 years experience in delivering state-of-art security solutions that keep people safe. We provide standard guidelines that exceed industry regulations and standards.

Apartment Complexes

Apartment complex managers are faced with a complicated set of security issues. Your tenants may be long term or transient, young or old, single or families and mixing them usually creates a constant set of complaints being filed with your office. Some common complaints include loud noise, parking violations, vandalism, break-ins, trespassing, and lack of common area safety.

Loyal Brothers Security Services has the expertise, professionalism, and qualifications to handle all your apartment complex security needs. We promise an engaged and active security presence. Our security officers patrol your complex on foot, bicycle, or vehicle. With a dedicated phone number for your property, onsite security check point system, and frequent supervisor oversight, your property will receive the security you knew you were paying for.

Loyal Brothers Residential Security experts are here to help you keep your building and community safe and secure.


Sporting Events can be very difficult to deal with, especially with all that goes on, from concessions, entrance gates, parking lots as well as crowd control. With a custom fit security plan, allow Loyal Brothers to assist you with all your needs. Our guards are experienced with the events at hand and professionally trained to handle multiple situations in case they arise. It's our job to make everyone feel safe upon arrival to any event, and it's our will to do so. Contact us today.

Sporting Events:

Football Games Wiener dog races Marathons
Quarterback shootouts Golf Tournaments Triathlons

and More...


Loyal Brothers offer team/individual security patrols depending on size and safety, in marked or unmarked vehicles. Our security patrol details can provide constant or periodic patrolling of any property or facility. From drive thru patrols of apartment complexes and office parks, to foot patrols of manufacturing plants or industrial distribution centers, we can provide any level of visible presence or monitoring that you need. We offer customized commercial business security patrol services to promote shopper and employee safety.

Patrolling the perimeter of the detailed area a minimum of once each half hour.
Observe behind, under and in front of all vehicles, structures and buildings
Confirm all perimeter doors and windows are secure.
Report any unusual activity in writing on an Incident Report and by advising the supervisor on call.

Make sure to log all rounds accordingly with correct system and carry assigned communication device at all times during shift.


Loyal Brothers Security LLC is proud to offer commercial and personal premium security service. All guards involved are Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST)certified, armed/unarmed uniformed security officers, and are selected based on their professional experience, exemplary skills, and ability to adapt to changing environments.

Our premium security service is available to serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Rates are billed in hourly increments, with a six (6) hour minimum. We offer daily, temporary and annual contracted services at competitive rates, ensuring even smaller business can afford to utilize our guards. Check out a few of our Premium Services below. Contact us today for a quote.

Quinceañeras Weddings Birthdays Launch Parties Banquet Halls Art Galleries Parties Fashion Shows And More...

​" WE thrive for excellence, Exuberance is our nature, Tenacity is our behavior "